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About Us

Swadesi is a multi-disciplined, full-service architectural and builder firm devoted to providing our clients with luxury designs in a variety of Asian-influenced tropical styles, including Modern Balinese, Asian Pacific, and Contemporary of high quality wooden house for years.

We have been one of the leading team of architects and production of Wooden house and their elements in Bali for unique and romantic, luxury tropical house designs. Our goal is to create an aesthetically appealing design to suit your lifestyle, with warm livable spaces that you and your family will love forever.

Swadesi’s prefab hardwood homes are all built to the highest quality standards with unique hardwood materials. What really makes our Balinese-style prefab wood houses unique is the perfect blending of unique design, high quality wood material, top quality fabrication of house that will be cherish by client for their beloved home with their family. Swadeshi’s wooden house design is a fully customized design but also not tolerating the strength of structural of wooden houses. All of our existing models are designed to be fully customizable. For our clients who wish to design their own tropical hardwood home that fits their vision and needs, our in-house design team more than happy to work with you from start to finish to create the customized prefab wood home of your dreams.


Wood Material

In producing and fabricating our Prefab Timber House design, Swadesi primarily use 3 types of woods which are well-known for their strength and durability, Teak, Merbau & Bangkirai. Because we send our prefab timber homes all over the world, Swadesi only works with hardwoods which stand up to the elements in any environment. Swadesi want to assure that client will have a fully satisfaction from unique design process, material choices, high quality fabrication process till the trusted shipping way so our client will have their dream house in their hand safely and on time. Beyond the visual appeal and uniqueness of the Teak, Merbau and Bangkirai timbers, the reason of Swadesi is attracted to these hardwoods is for their durability to use for Prefab Timber Homes. In their natural state, all of these hardwoods are highly resistant to rot and insect attack. To learn more about wood material that we use for our wooden house construction, please read a brief introduction of wood specification that we put in below

Merbau Wood is the highest quality and density timber that we use. Merbau performs impressively under both tensile and compressive stresses. It is a naturally darker (red/orange) coloured species that offers a more stereotypically “tropical” look. With its appealing exotic appearance and beautiful finish, Merbau is often used in heavy construction, framing of boats, parquet flooring, heavy-duty flooring, utility and garden furniture. This hardwood material is grows mostly in South East Asia, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific islands. The color of the heartwood, when cut, is a deep ginger, bending towards orange on the brown scale. As it ages, the orange undertones give way to more ruddy qualities that fits perfectly with Teak Bali’s Merbau Hardwood houses. One feature of the color that separates this wood visually is the reflection of golden flecks woven through the grain. These are the result of mineral deposits, unique only to Merbau. What you will see however is the course texture of the wood whose grain ranges from straight to interlocked textures. The combination of orange to red-toned browns, permeated with mineral deposits in the grain, will really separate the look and value of your Merbau Hardwood Home from any other building materials available on the market. Merbau seasons well with kiln or air-drying, exhibiting only a low degrade and very little shrinkage or movement.

Bangkirai hardwood is well-know for its high-density and is impressive strength under both tensile and compressive stresses. Bangkirai is naturally yellow coloured, and generally used in prefab house, heavy construction, framing of boats, parquet flooring, heavy-duty flooring, utility and garden furniture, and situations where it may be immersed in fresh water. Due to this level of durability we are able to use Bangkirai in all aspects of our timber structures.

Bangkirai grows in south-east Asia, on the north-west Malaysian archipelago, especially in Sulawesi (the former Celebes) and Kalimantan, as well as in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and in the Philippines. Bangkirai (also known as “Yellow Balau”) has a high strength and durability factor, is hard and heavy with high stiffness and shock resistance. Bangkirai is mainly used for heavy duty structures such as for bridges, railway sleepers, floors and for post and beam Bangkirai houses. The surface of Bangkirai alternates from smooth to rough textures due to the interlocked nature of the grain. However, there are strong variations in color which is well suited as decking material. When exposed to the elements, Bangkirai, like many other tropical timbers, greys very quickly.Bangkirai wood have the same resistance against termites and seasons as Merbau if we want to use it as the construction material of wooden house. Swadesi selecting by their selves all wood that we will used to assure we get the best quality that we can find in the nature.

Teak wood was first used in the 17th century and became the most widely used wood species in the shipbuilding industry. Teak is very suitable to use in humid environments, as teak is resistant to mold and wood rot. The color and appearance of Teak tends to be a golden or medium brown with a straight grain. Teak wood originates originally from Southeast Asia, mainly from mainly India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar and Bangladesh. Currently, Teak has become widely popular in the use as a High End Flooring product and has also become quite popular in the fabrication of Hardwood Garden Furniture. Hardwood floors made from Teak will last for decades


Construction Material

Swadesi as a professional prefab hardwood house design and fabrication company only recommending and choosing the high quality of construction material from the ground, till the roofing. By using a selected high quality construction material your tropical hardwood home will not only look great from the exterior but from the interior as well For our client who live in hurricane territory Swadesi provides only the highest quality structural framing materials. Swadesi Post & Beam homes are designed to withstand hurricanes, earthquakes and termites. Utilizing the prefab post & beam building method, Swadesi implements over-sized hardwood members, double-bearer floor structures and header beams with attached top plates. The wall structures of our timber homes are comprised of hardwoods with tight stud placement utilizing metal strapping and/or ply underlay to handle strong lateral loads. Wherever possible, our designers/carpenters avoid utilizing wood joins in mid span to further enhance the strength of our prefab hardwood houses.

We will be pleased to assist our client to explore the possibilities of construction material that they want to implemented to their house, but also suggesting them how to implement those construction material without sacrificing the strength and the quality of the wooden houses.


Termite Resistance Wood

Termites are number one enemy and become the main consideration of our client when they want to build their wooden house. They are mostly worried about how long they will have their beautiful wooden house before termites take over their homes.

From our decades experiences in building wooden houses, we always suggesting our client to used only best hardwood material that will not be able to invade by termites. Merbau, Bangkirai and Teak are well-known as woods that hated by termites naturally. Plus with an appropriated kiln dry or air dry to guarantee we reach the ideal humidity will become a plus resistance moves to avoid this problems. Swadesi houses already being built more than 25 years and they still strong and client can expecting our fabricated house will become their lifetime homes.


Construction and Logistic Flow

In his pages, Swadesi as an experienced wooden house design and frication would like to educate our client about the flow or process how our wooden house will be built and timing schedule when they can expect to receive their wooden houses. Most clients understand designing, pre-fabricating and delivering a Hardwood Home Construction is a methodical process that takes intention and focus. The process of Swadesi Prefab Home Construction involves some steps that takes the project from the initial concept/design stage all the way through to final assembly in the country of destination. We already building some abilities to assure the process of fabrication till delivering the finish products to client can be done smoothly and in logically time frame. Those abilities including :

For Swadesi projects fabricated in our Bali manufacturing facility, following are typical time frames :

  • Ability to predetermine containers counts when costings Wood Home Construction projects.
  • Ability to calculate building parameters that will ensure all Hardwood Home Construction beams and assemblies fit into the constraints of 20 and 40 foot containers.
  • Ability to liaise with architects/engineers in the country of destination to verify all structures are built to pass local planning department/council codes.
  • A user friendly coding systems and assembly documentation to create ease of re-assembly in the country of destination.
  • Complete control of the shipping process from packing/stuffing to movement of the containers from our warehouse to your final jobsite.
  • Expertise in dealing with customs entities in Indonesia to ensure smooth movement of all shipments legally out of the country.
  • Ability to liaise with import brokers in the country of destination to ensure all legal documentation is correct for local customs authorities.

  • For time frame of fabricating and delivering the house, Swadesi already make an approximate time frame

  • To Manufacturing: A medium to large Wood Home Construction can take 4-5 months
  • Shipping: Normally 4-10 weeks depending on port of Delivery and size of shipment