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Swadesi is a multi-disciplined, full-service architectural and builder firm devoted to providing our clients with luxury designs in a variety of Asian-influenced tropical styles, including Modern Balinese, Asian Pacific, and Contemporary of high quality wooden house for years we have been one of the leading team of architects and production of Wooden house and their elements in Bali for unique and romantic, luxury tropical house designs. Our goal is to create an aesthetically appealing design to suit your lifestyle, with warm livable spaces that you and your family will love forever.

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Why Wooden House ?


Less time means less cost, Wood construction is fast and efficient, since it is ease fabricated. Most of construction and pre-finishing wood work are done in our warehouse. It is almost 90% of completion. Later onsite, we will need only few days / weeks depend on its size to re-assembly the house. Working all on site will cost more than double, since there are transportation and logistic supply issues.


Easy to transport and handling by 2-3. Prefab wooden house is suitable and more efficient for remote area. Problem for remote area's project are mostly transportation and logistic supply, not technical. Wooden House is architectural and structurally designed to be in knock-down system. Each part of house will be divided in panels in transportable sizes and weights for less handling problem.


Wood is a strong natural building material and yet durable when it is properly looked after. It has beautiful of grain and attractive natural appearance as it's aesthetic appeal and insulation qualities too. It is highly machinable and fabricated into many kinds of shapes and sizes to fit any practical need.

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